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TDY-Series (Belt Conveyor)

Belt Conveyor is applied in mining, metallurgy and coal industries.

  • Way of Working
    1.Belt Conveyor is common means of transportation. It uses the belt conveyance to draw and support components and transport materials by moving belt.
    2.It utilizes the inner friction and side pressure of loose material to increase the internal pressure from the pulling force in its moving direction produced by the rolling chamber in the adhesive chamber, thus increasing the internal friction.
    3.When inclination falls within certain scope, the inward friction force can ensure the stability between layers and create continuous movement.
    4.When the internal friction force between the layers is larger than the external force of the adhesive, the roller beneath the adhesive will move along with the material.

    5.When the ratio of internal force and external force meet a condition, the material flow is stable.

      1. Simple structure and flexible layout.
      2. Large conveying capacity and high safety.

      3. Stable operation and low energy consumption.