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YK-Series (Vibration Grading Sieve)

Vibration Grading Sieve is applied in building materials, chemical products, ore material and more.

  • Way of Working
    1. The vibration grading sieve moves based on the motor driving the vibration exciter with eccentric mass via the V-belt.
    2. The sieve bed will make cyclical asymmetric reciprocating mechanical vibration.
    3. The material on the sieve surface will loose and leave the sieve surface.

    4. Material will be separated from the sieve hole and then finer material will move down and be discharged from the sieve mesh.

    1. The rack body, corridors and fences through optimized design are simply structured.
    2. The sieve bed is connected by bolts to effectively avoid welding stress.
    3. Simple or pedestal block eccentric exciter is adopted.

    4. Advanced structure and strong exciting force.