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DHLG-Sieres (High Pressure Grinding Roll)

Mining, metallurgy, cement, building construction, coal industries and more.


  • Way of Working
    The grinding roll is mainly composed of two rollers rotating in opposite direction. The brittle
    materials are delivered by the conveying equipment into a weighing bin with a load cell, and
    through the feeding device of the roller press, the materials enter the nip between the two roller of the same size rotating in opposite directions.

    The materials are pulled by one roller into the nip, and then are pressed by the other roller with the high pressure into dense material cake, finally falling from the nip to the hopper and outputted by the conveying equipment.


    1. The hydraulic system makes it easy to adjust the roller crevice while protecting the machine.

    2. The roller and its surface are fitted with hard alloy studs that increase its service life. Its life can last at least 20,000 hours.