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6HL-High Efficiency Impact Crusher

High Efficiency Impact Crusher is widely applied in construction, transportation engineering, mining industries and more.

  • Way of Working

    1.High Efficiency Impact Crusher uses the cascade feeding system to introduce a second stream of material in a controlled quantity into the crushing chamber turbulence, causing a supercharging of the particle population within the chamber, thereby improving the energy transferring between the particles.

    2.The rocks that enter the crushing chamber collide violently with the liners and move upward along the piling surface and then be crushed against the rocks spurted out by the impeller, loose energy and discharge from the crushing chamber.

    3.Cascade feeding system offers external hydraulic adjustment of the cascade ratio while the crusher is operating to control the product specification and grading accurately.

    Adjustment can be manually operated or be fully integrated automated plant system. So it can adapt the changes of the feeding specification and totally control the product quality and fine content.



    1. With hydraulic opening cover, it is convenient to for maintenance man to enter the inside of the machine during maintenance.

    2. It can control the product gains level by optimizing various variables such as using rotors of different diameter and different cyclic crushing chambers, changing speed of the rotor and adjusting stream of material.

    3. Due to low maintenance requirement and easy operation, the machine can conveniently match with the existed or other planning crushing equipment.

    4. Simple and easy installation. It is ideal mobile equipment, needing little structure support.

    5. By controlling product gains level, it can achieve maximum or minimum capacity and produce high level cubic products.

    6. It can improve recovery of mineral with excellent monomer crushing characteristics.

    7. Several models are available for any fine crushing or even the fourth crushing.